4th International Scientific Conference, Rhodes island, Greece 3-5 April 2009


Under the auspices and sponsorship of:

"Planning for the Future - Learning from the Past: Contemporary Developments in Tourism, Travel & Hospitality"

Nothing in today’s chaotic tourism, travel and hospitality environment stays the same long enough… achieving and sustaining success, either in the private or the public sector, is a major challenge for all relevant stakeholders!

The search for success through planning for the future and learning from the past is always with us, and its impacts of are critical importance for tourism, travel and hospitality management and education. Success may generate even more success, both at macro-environmental and micro-environmental level.

Any stakeholder in tourism, travel & hospitality, and any industry practitioner, educator or researcher, is facing vital questions like:
• How to prepare for the future?
• How to manage change?
• How to survive in the future?
• How to sustain development and growth?
• How to research for the future?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, or if you can share with others your answers, then make sure that you will be in Rhodes island in Greece for the 4th International Tourism Conference of the University of the Aegean!


Conference Program:

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